‘The Lovers’, Black Asterisk group show

I’m so excited to be showing work again at black Asterisk, especially with Auckland artists such as Hayley Theyers and Stuart Broughton. It was great meeting some of the other artists last night at the opening and I can’t wait to go back and visit the show again.

I’ve included my artist statement below…


My work centres around the photographic medium. Specifically, I relate to the expressionist and symbolist movements that operated within a spiritual, suggestive and imaginative paradigm. My practice also focuses on the female experience and the generalised anxiety that comes with it; exploring the inner world of women and elevating it from it’s place in the art history canon from the bodily to spiritual realm.

For “The Lovers” I have submitted work that relates to the gothic and romantic. The theme is a common trope throughout art history that I believe seamlessly combines passion, romanticism as well as tragedy and the macabre. My images are a snapshot into a dark underlying narrative, the true meaning of which is unknown to the viewer and from which the viewer carries their own meaning.

Broader themes suggest memento mori, or in this case the tragedy of losing love or the eventual demise and loss of a loved one, as well as the malign power of sexuality and uncontrolled desire.

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